Walking In Meantime

Walking Meantime

This work was done during a one month residency at Meantime Project Space, Cheltenham, UK. It is based on my walks around Cheltenham carrying a GPS recorder. It explores the complex dynamics of an everyday experience – a walk about town. I can lose myself in the enjoyment of the moment while in the next moment my awareness of the discreet and finite nature of my body might be experienced through a feeling of tiredness. Similarly, these images can be seen as creative works conjuring infinite responses or simply the boundaries of a single outing being tracked by GPS.

It is also paradoxical that the sense of freedom with a walk is invisibly transgressed by being tracked with satellite technology originally created for military purposes. With present technology you can never really have a private moment or be off the grid. Large prints were shown for the final exhibit.



04-MAR-V205_MAR_14LE_v208_MAR_14PLE_v210_MAR_1414_MAR_14March 14 ACurtin04-MAR-14PLE09_MAR_1414_mar_14_V2zoom2


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