Artist Statement

Anna Curtin’s current abstract landscapes explore the essential importance of our attentiveness to the environment around us. She harnesses the continual tension between chance and order by contrasting the seduction of technology and the softer more subtle mechanics of landscape and body. She explores this disruption by evoking a pre-conceptual felt sense of nature, while acknowledging a world heavily influenced by the results of military technology. She sees the natural world as an interwoven system of cause and effect that exists outside of language. “Sensations of being in the land experiencing the wind, rain, and sun continually touch me through memory”.

Her paintings and drawings suggest a new pictorial space, reflecting a longing for balance and a more mature sense of being in the world. Mechanical laser burned lines from GPS mapping traces of Cheltenham UK walks combined with pigments and materials allowed to form their own expression through gravity and chance, explore the contemporary experience of a person in everyday life. Her practice embraces the tension between the hand made (natural) and the high-tech. She paints, scrapes down, repaints, and re-lasers until the painting finds itself- seemingly outside of a larger plan.

Anna Curtin is a west coast Canadian artist working in both the UK and Victoria BC. While pursuing an MA in Fine Art from the University of Gloucestershire she has exhibited at the Wilson Museum and completed a residency at Meantime Project space. She has been awarded the International Merit Scholarship from the University of Gloucestershire and most recently, received an award from the BC Art Council.